Reasons to Love Music – And Why You Should Too

Music permeates the lives of people. It may be safe to say that every generation has a song or two that, in a way, define who and what they are as a people. More often than not, when we talk about the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, or when we speak of the old, the classical and the modern eras, we think about the type music they listened to.

The same can be said of us, as individuals, when we listen to songs or sing along to our radio. Music may be, for the most part, a form of entertainment. Because we live and breathe music, it is definitely more than that. Let’s explore some of the reasons why people are drawn to singing, and never tire of listening to the melodies that music makes.

1. Music “talks” to you.

Ever had the chance to listen to a new song and claim it was written for you? The lyrics seem to speak of your beliefs, your interests, your conviction and, most of the time, your experience or situation. The tune seems to hold it all together and you find yourself truly enjoying it – and relating to it as well.

2. Listening to music is healthy.

You may or may not be aware of it, but when you decide to hum to a tune or just sit back and relax to great music you enjoy, you are making your mind and body happy. Research indicates that enjoying music can help in mood management while also reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, a 2011 health and medical report from Drexel University in Philadelphia, the United States underscored that music and music therapies are useful as “complementary treatment” to cancer patients.

3. Music allows you to “travel” and learn about others.

If you pay close attention to the historical and cultural information of practically any place or civilization, you will discover that a great deal of the discussion centers on how the people express themselves musically. Today, you get a clue about the kind of people you meet through the kind of music they prefer – and even make an intelligent guess about where they come from. Different types of tunes define certain regions, and knowing about these kinds of music can take you to places.

4. Music lets you discover your passion, and inspires you to hone your skill.

Music lovers often do not stop at knowing a song; they want to sing it in different versions. Some would want to know how to play their favorite song using different instruments. Most of us are no strangers to passionate musicians who take the time to enroll in schools to learn to play instruments. One of the best classics is the piano.

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