Ways to Create a Chic Interior Design on Your Home

One element most people want in their home is elegance. Regardless if they own a studio apartment or a classic bungalow, homeowners would like to see to it that their interiors carry or sense of class, or in other words, the “chic” element. While this kind of element can be found in various interior design trends, it does not always resonate in every project.

If you happen to want the chic element on your home but could not achieve it in your DIY approaches, then you should then hire a professional interior designer. This is not just because they have the eye for elegance, but because they have studied both the art and science behind the chic appeal. Top interior designers in Singapore can attest to that, as most of their clients are looking for this element in their projects.

But how do you create a chic interior design on your home? You may start with these simple ways:

  1. Start with a neutral color palette.

It is a common misconception that when you go chic, you have to be in with the latest trends in fashion and style. However, if you want to create an air of elegance in your home, then it is best that you go with designs and color schemes that can last for years without losing the “look.”

A safe way to do this is by opting for a neutral color palette. You may want to use white as a predominant backdrop, with some accents of black, gray or gold on certain pieces to add a pop of color. You cannot go wrong with a neutral palette because with this at hand, it would be easier for you to add or remove accents depending on other styles that you wish to incorporate.

  1. Add a bold statement piece.

Bold statement pieces have a variety of uses. They don’t serve as conversation starters, but they also break the monotony of neutral color schemes and as well cover up empty spaces. If you may notice, elegant homes have a piece of artwork on their walls or floors, and most top interior designers in Singapore recommend this as well.

You may want to place an artwork on an empty wall in your house, preferably in the corridor going to the living room or dining area. On the other hand, if you feel like your floors need some color, you may place statement carpet instead.

  1. Tweak the lighting.

Lighting fixtures also play a crucial role in creating an elegant flair on your home. This is because proper lighting offers a sense of warmth, comfort, and specific focus, which are essential in chic interiors.

You may want to add shades on certain areas where lights are installed, so as to create a dim but evenly distributed brightness in your home space, or place a statement lampshade at a targeted area where you want attention to be focused on (such as by the couch). And for common rooms such as the dining and living room areas, you may want to have a chandelier installed to provide controlled but widespread lighting coverage.


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